Start your career flying helicopters!

The global demand for professional helicopter pilots is immense and so are the rewards.

The demand for professional pilots continues to grow.

Fire fighting, forestry, law enforcement, oil and gas, tour operators, flight schools, offshore operations, emergency medical services and many other services are always in need of qualified, professional helicopter pilots and flight instructors.

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The Guidance approach at Yavapai College embraces the academic rigor of a college education coupled with academy-style training modeled after law enforcement.


Our training is built within a straight forward benchmark system ensuring you know where you are in your training and that you have a clear view of where you are heading.

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A fulfilling, exciting, and lucrative career as a professional helicopter pilot is awaiting you!

Federal Financial Aid, Institution Scholarships and Student Loans are available for this program.

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…in five semesters, I got hired on as a flight instructor. Right now I’m building hours, and in another year or so I’ll have the potential to make upwards of a six figure salary in the industry.

Chris Tatum Guidance Graduate & Instructor Pilot