“Wing and Rotor” Flight Training News

Join Us as our “Wing and Rotor” flight training news is on approach for August 2011! Go to: WING AND ROTOR NEWS and join our mailing list. Wing and Rotor News Related links: Guidance Aviation Guidance Helicopters Post 9/11 Helicopter Flight Training-Facebook Sport Aircraft USA Sport Pilots of Arizona-Facebook Guidance Aviation provides high altitude helicopter and … Continued

Flight training in a Cirrus at Guidance Aviation of Prescott, Arizona

Flight training in a Cirrus SR20 at Guidance Aviation of Prescott, Arizona is now available!    The newly arrived Cirrus SR20 employs the Garmin Perspective™ dual 12 inch flat panel flight displays and navigation system. Encompassing everything from dual AHRS autopilot to the Blue LVL Button to the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS), this aircraft is built on … Continued

Veterans help Veterans use Post 9/11 GI Bill® benefits for flight training

Marine and Army Veterans Help Veterans use Post 9/11 GI Bill® benefits for helicopter flight training Curtis Marshall, Veteran, Sergeant, US Marines and Jason Martin, Veteran, Sergeant, US Army, have dream jobs working as professional helicopter pilots. [CAREER UPDATE: Curt Marshall is now flying professionally for a utility company and Jason Martin is now flying professionally … Continued

Eurocopter X3 turns up speed: Video

Check out the Eurocopter X3, turning up the speed video. Interesting concept, but will it work with props right outside doors?  With the Eurocopter, Bell’s development and the current Osprey in the field, helicopter operations are changing, getting faster and definitely more exciting.  Are you ready to become a professional helicopter pilot? >>>  Check out … Continued

Flight Training Alumni Spotlight: High altitude flight training prepares Guidance Aviation graduates for real world

“After finishing flight training with Guidance Helicopters in the fall of 2007, I went to Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters located in Northern Arizona.  After one season with Papillon, I acquired an EMS position within the Atlanta, Georgia area.  EMS (Emergency Medical Service) is a challenging environment on any stage, but being located in Northern Georgia possesses unique challenges that … Continued

Post 911 GI Bill® benefits and flight training at Guidance Aviation

See the new Guidance Aviation Veteran Program video.  Check out the video and find out how to use your Post 911 GI Bill® benefits to get your flight training at Guidance Aviation.  Hear what our veterans are saying, “It’s once in a lifetime chance you’ll ever get.” Informative links: Guidance Aviation Veterans link:  http://www.guidancehelicopters.com/veteran.html Guidance Helicopters:  … Continued

Post 911 Flight Training, Grandfather Clause

As reported on the VA Facebook Page: http://www.guidancehelicopters.com/veteran.html On May 3, 2011 the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs will hold a hearing to discuss H.R. 1383, the “Restoring GI Bill Fairness Act of 2011”.  As we said before this pending legislation would grandfather the tuition and fee rates of certain Post-9/11 GI Bill recipients to include: Those … Continued